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National Hospitality Week is Oct 15-21: Honoring the Unsung Heroes of Child Welfare

It is no secret that child welfare is incredibly challenging in West Virginia. The number of West Virginia children in care remains the highest per capita in the nation and thousands of the state's children are being primarily raised by family members who are not their parents. On top of these difficult statistics, West Virginia Child Protective Services consistently deals with high turnover and vacancy rates among its child welfare professionals.

Did you know that when a child in foster care experiences a change in their caseworker, their chances of finding a permanent home drop dramatically from 74.5% to just 17.5%? It's a heart-wrenching statistic that we can't ignore.

Enter National Hospitality Week!

From October 15-21, Chestnut Mountain Village, in partnership with various organizations and churches, is bringing National Hospitality Week to West Virginia. The initiative is all about showering our hard-working child welfare professionals, especially those tireless CPS workers in West Virginia, with gratitude and support.

Why, you ask?

Well, when these professionals feel appreciated and seen, they’re less likely to leave their roles. This means more stability for the children who desperately need it.

How Can You Pitch In?

Spread the Word: Talk about it! Share this blog post, tweet about it, or bring it up in your church or with other organizations.

Connect Locally: Organize or participate in events in your area that recognize and appreciate child welfare professionals. Let them know that their efforts don't go unnoticed.

Engage Online: Visit the National Hospitality Week website to dive deeper. You can register, access resources, or gather ideas to enhance your involvement.

Join Hospitality Week with The Village: Interested in participating in West Virginia? The Village can assist you in kickstarting your journey, linking with local CPS offices and other community members already championing National Hospitality Week. To contact The Village:

By getting involved in National Hospitality Week, we're taking a collective step forward. It's more than just a pat on the back for these professionals—it's about ensuring that every child in the foster system has a fighting chance at a brighter future.

Let's rally together for this cause!

Thank you for reading and or being a part of this National Hospitality Week. 🌟

Chestnut Mountain Village



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