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Beauty Amid Brokenness Celebration

Updated: Mar 30

An Event of Encouragement for West Virginia’s Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families.

The "Beauty Amid Brokenness Celebration" invites West Virginia's foster, adoptive, and kinship families to a transformative event rooted in Christian principles. This unique gathering fosters unity, hope, and encouragement, emphasizing the beauty emerging from challenges in the journey of caring for vulnerable children. Attendees will experience empowering workshops, heartwarming stories, and discover a supportive community. Strengthening resolve and reaffirming purpose, this celebration embraces the unique beauty that arises when families choose to care for children from broken places. Join in for a day of faith, hope, and renewal, where brokenness becomes a canvas for God's grace and love.


Venue: Trinity Assembly of God Church, Fairmont, WV

Date and Time: Saturday, May 4, 2024, 10 AM to 2:00 PM (Doors open at 9:30 AM, Child Care Check-In starts at 9:30 AM)

Limited Child Care: Available for children aged 3 to 11 (First 50 children on a first-registration basis)

Lunch: Included

Celebration Agenda:

9:30 AM: Check-in and Doors Open, Child Care Check-In Starts

10:00 AM: Opening Welcome and Prayer by Pastor Wayde Wilson

Worship with Trinity Worship and Others

Presentation: Fulfilling and Sustaining the Call to Care by Greg Clutter

Presentation: A Love-Stretched Life by Jillana Goble

Panel: Shattered No More - A Journey from Trauma to Triumph with Panelists Greg Clutter, Pam Taylor, Trent Taylor

12:00 PM: Lunch and Relationship Building -- Lunch Provided

Workshops (Choose one):

Workshop and Q&A 1: Managing Trauma and Creating Hope with Pam and Trent Taylor and Chris Campbell, facilitated by Greg Clutter

Workshop and Q&A 2: Embracing the Unexpected with Jillana Goble and Pamela M. Woodman-Kaehler, facilitated by Melissa Cargill

Closing Worship and Final Remarks

Celebration Ends: 2:00 PM

Speaker, Panelist, and Facilitator Biographies:

Jillana Goble

Founder of Every Child Oregon, speaker, author, and advocate. Author of "No Sugar-Coating" and "A Love-Stretched Life," Jillana is passionate about uniting the faith community to uplift vulnerable children.

Trent Taylor

CEO and Co-Founder of Watch Me Rise, Trent is a trauma consultant, TBRI Practitioner, life coach, and mentor. Adopted after a challenging foster care journey, he's dedicated to helping others find healing and hope.

Pam Taylor

Co-Founder and CEO of Watch Me Rise, Pam serves foster and adoptive families with a variety of support services. She's a TBRI Practitioner, Making Sense of Your Worth Facilitator, and educational therapist.

Chris Campbell

President of Resolutions Counseling Inc., Chris is a mental health advocate and speaker. With over 30 years of experience, he excels in faith-based strategies for at-risk adolescents and holistic formation.

Melissa Cargill

Community Coordinator for Chestnut Mountain Village, Melissa has a degree in Communications Media. As a military spouse, she is passionate about fostering connections within communities to support families.

Greg W. Clutter

Director of Foster Care Initiatives at Chestnut Mountain Ranch, Greg brings 30 years of business and non-profit leadership experience. He's committed to improving the lives of at-risk and vulnerable children in West Virginia.

Pamela M. Woodman-Kaehler

A highly experienced foster and adoptive parent, Pam is, also, the Director for the West Virginia Foster Care Ombudsman unit and dedicated to improving child welfare. With a background in executive leadership and consulting, Pam actively and tenaciously advocates for West Virginia’s children and families.

Join us for a day of faith, hope, and renewal, celebrating the unique beauty that emerges when families choose to care for children from broken places.



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