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Foster Care: A Beautiful Mess

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Foster care is hard, tragic, and wonderful. It is messy but beautiful. Foster parent, adoptive mom, and Bible Center Church Outreach Director, Michelle Thompson, speaks candidly and personally about foster care as part of a panel at the 2022 West Virginia All In Foster Care Summit.

The 2022 All In Foster Care Summit was held at Chestnut Ridge Chruch in Morgantown, West Virginia on May 17, 2022. This excerpt was part of a panel titled "A Mountain State Discussion: Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Care Across West Virginia."

Michelle Thompson has served on the staff at Bible Center Church in Charleston, WV since 2002. At Bible Center, she oversees both local and global outreach through such programs as Adoption and Foster Care Ministries, homeless outreach, Thomas Baby Steps Hospitality Room, The Makers’ Center, May We Serve, and others. Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Christian Education from Andersonville Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling & Psychology from Southwest Bible College and Seminary. Michelle is passionate about Jesus and the difference a relationship with Him makes in people’s lives. She also enjoys All-Things-Leadership and the study of personalities. She and her husband, Richard, have seven children and three grandchildren.


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