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All In Foster Care Summit Attracts Churches and Attendees from Across West Virginia

The first-ever All In Foster Care Summit was held on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown. It was an amazing day filled with world-class speakers, activities, and networking among West Virginia churches, non-profits, businesses, and government organizations. There were dozens of churches in attendance.

The theme of the Summit was going All In for vulnerable children and families. Attendees learned about the realities of foster care throughout the country, the struggles of foster families in West Virginia, the gospel motivated reason “why” churches should care for vulnerable children and families, and how churches can begin ministries focused on foster, kinship, and adoptive kids and families. The day started with the following video, which challenged attendees to consider the most basic solution to providing children with belonging.

In the coming weeks, presentation and panel sessions from the Summit will be made available online.



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